About Us at East Texas Poodles


My name is Sharon Washington Hammond and when I was 7 years old I had a rat terrier named Peewee. He was my best friend and I stayed up many nights training him.

I treat my poodles like I would my own children. I have a big heart for the elderly, children and animals.  My biggest fan is God, who leads and guides me.

I became a dog breeder because I have such a big heart for animals and I want to work with them. My biggest influence was Jackie, my trainer. I'm in search and rescue and am a K-9 Instructor and Handler for Search 4 Rescue Team.

I have four standard poodles Prince Hammond, which is in Search and Rescue, Lila Hammond, which is in Search and Rescue, Gracie Hammond, which is in training and Lucy Hammond who is in training. I have two toy poodles in training, Cricket Hester and Tinkerbell Hammond. All are well socialized.